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Short introduction of partner, why do they participate and why is DT4GS important for ATH.

Athena Research Center is the only ICT-focused research center in Greece. Athena RC applies scientific excellence within various fields of research, from data management, AI and image and signal processing, to geospatial optimization, autonomous systems and robotics. Its vision is to serve the full spectrum of the research lifecycle, starting from basic and applied research, continuing on to system & product building and infrastructure service provision, and ending with technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Its fundamental role is to build knowledge and devise solutions and technologies for the digital society. Its value lies in the unique collection of skills and know-how of its researchers and professional staff and its national and international reputation.

In DT4GS, Athena RC will:

* Contribute to the creation of the DT4GS IoT infrastructure by offering solutions for time series processing and analysis, including anomaly detection, change detection, and forecasting, as well as complex event processing by combining data from multiple sensors.

* Contribute to the development of external connectors by semantically enriching APIs and metadata descriptions using the DT4GS ontology to enable and facilitate semantic search and interoperability across the Living Labs deployed federated solutions.

* Contribute to the development of the AI Tools and Big Data Analytics infrastructure by providing data processing and storage facilities to support semi-automatic script-based data processing pipelines over distributed data sources with emphasis on geospatial and time series data.