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Short introduction of partner, why do they participate in DT4GS and why is DT4GS important for RMDC.

Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting (RMDC), member of Remontowa Holding capital group, is highly experienced marine engineering company providing comprehensive design & engineering services, including newbuilding and conversion projects at all design disciplines and phases. The company is rendering design services to foreign and Polish shipyards and shipowners, mainly to both shipyards within Remontowa Holding: […]

Short introduction of partner and why AXON participates in DT4GS?

Axon logic started its business as a coaching school and has been re-strategized itself as a multi-disciplinary research and innovation Small Medium Enterprise that aiming for inventing and building novel technologies and solutions. The company has the skills to provide specialized research support tools and knowledge consultancy services to a wide variety of sciences such as applied mathematics, classical and quantum physics, […]

Short introduction of partner, why do they participate and why is DT4GS important for ATH.

Athena Research Center is the only ICT-focused research center in Greece. Athena RC applies scientific excellence within various fields of research, from data management, AI and image and signal processing, to geospatial optimization, autonomous systems and robotics. Its vision is to serve the full spectrum of the research lifecycle, starting from basic and applied research, […]