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Short introduction of partner and why AXON participates in DT4GS?

Axon logic started its business as a coaching school and has been re-strategized itself as a multi-disciplinary research and innovation Small Medium Enterprise that aiming for inventing and building novel technologies and solutions. The company has the skills to provide specialized research support tools and knowledge consultancy services to a wide variety of sciences such as applied mathematics, classical and quantum physics, or electronic engineering. Besides these, it accurately produces new ideas, technology and business insights in sectors, like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, edge-cloud computing, and green communications systems. Axon logic has been actively participating few projects such as SANCUS: Analysis Software scheme of uniform statistical sampling, audit and defence processes, SMART5GRID: Demonstration of 5G solutions for SMART energy GRIDs of the future, and SECANT: Security and privacy protection in Internet of things devices. 

Recent advancement of quantum technologies has been inspired us to look into more reliable, enjoying quadratic speedup and more efficient quantum algorithms as an alternative choice of classical algorithms in solving both academic and industrial research problems. We are excited to explore the possibilities of the implementation of quantum algorithms such as quantum deep learning, quantum reinforcement learning, and quantum federated learning for certain parts of the DT4GS project.