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DT4GS Cluster

Establish a Stakeholder Charter for DT4GS stakeholders and building up a community of contributors and users collaborating to sustain an open DT infrastructure for Green Smart Ship. In this task 5.2 the aim is to show the main objectives of DT4GS cluster, the offers that the project can provide to the potential interested stakeholders to […]

Short introduction of partner, why do they participate in DT4GS and why is DT4GS important for FV.

Fundación  Valenciaport (FV) is  an  Applied  Research,  Innovation & Training centre providing services to the port and logistics cluster. This initiative of the Port Authority of Valencia has enjoyed the collaboration of notable businesses, universities and institutions  from  the  port  community.  Since  its  establishment, it has developed projects in more than 60 countries, primarily Mediterranean nations, […]