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DT4GS Cluster

Establish a Stakeholder Charter for DT4GS stakeholders and building up a community of contributors and users collaborating to sustain an open DT infrastructure for Green Smart Ship. In this task 5.2 the aim is to show the main objectives of DT4GS cluster, the offers that the project can provide to the potential interested stakeholders to be part, a set of possible questions to build a prospective questionnaire looking for feedback and a tentative map of stakeholders and associations that could facilitate the process of engaging the potential stakeholders. 

The DT4GS Cluster will include stakeholders from different shipping and related communities, as port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies representing shipping segments (e.g., container ships, bulkers, tankers, ferries, RoRo, cruise ships) and operational environments (e.g., liners, deep sea, short sea, and inland navigation), also including stakeholders that are part of the maritime-logistics port clusters. Particular attention will be given to ensure that a comprehensive EU geographical coverage is achieved.