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Dissemination & Communication of DT4GS

The main objective of the task 5.1 is to carry out a communication and dissemination program and link with relevant EU projects  and initiatives to realize new interactions. Multi-channel communication to general public and key stakeholders. Establish the Dissemination & Communication material and website:

-Draft the Dissemination & Communication Plan (initial + final)

-Promote the project itself and its impacts to pertinent stakeholder groups utilizing customized channels and tools

-Develop the DT4GS website and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn)

-Engage all DT4GS partners in the implementation of the D&C plan and meet the pertinent KPIs

-Design promotional material (flyers, posters etc.)

-Produce two (2) professional videos highlighting the LLs challenges, the project vision and expected outcomes

Perform networking, alliance across projects and liaison activities:

-related research and innovation activities from TABLE 1-2 “DT4GS Baseline assets” 

-other projects funded under the same call (HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-13) 

-other relevant projects already running in similar topics but in other industrial sectors

-maritime knowledge sharing and community building initiatives, such as theWATERBORNE TP

Capacity Building

Explore the integration of DT4GS outputs in university courses and ad hoc courses for different professional profiles for zero emission shipping and generate appropriate training material. Schedule workshops in a way that supports the bi-directional exchange of information between the DT4GS consortium and pertinent stakeholder groups.