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GS Operational Optimisation of Digital Twins

Based on Task3.3 roadmap, DANAOS extracted a reference global operational optimization use case in order to facilitate the transfer of DTs (Digital Twins) across LLs. More specifically the global operational optimization use case addresses the classic cognitive DT example of Voyage Optimization. This reference use case is comprised of an abundance of sub-modules and can […]

Ship and company specific DT configuration and Deployment support services

DANAOS presented a consolidated progress time plan [M3-M35] involving Task3.2 and Task3.3. More specifically DANAOS shared their view on the desired outcome of the services implemented in the context of these tasks as well as the must-have capabilities and dependencies from other WPs. For Task3.2, DANAOS specified requirements from the other three LLs (use cases […]

DT4GS Model Blueprints and Open Model Library

DANAOS prepared the TOC for Task 2.4 and circulated for review by the DT4GS consortium. The core structure of TOC needs to be further discussed and clarified, as the initial comments/remarks were identifying some kind of inconsistency/overlap in the definition of particular chapters of T2.4. In terms of actual implementation and framework specification for T2.4, […]

Short introduction of partner, why do they participate in DT4GS and why is DT4GS important for DANAOS.

DANAOS shipping is one of the largest independent owners of modern, large-size containerships with distinct edge in advanced shipping technology and long track record of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. DANAOS has implemented a robust Environmental Management System integrating environmental issues with company operations and actively participates in research, testing and developing new technologies which […]

DT4GS Workshop at Danaos offices on 06 October 2022 (registration opened)

The DT4GS Consortium invites you to attend the first workshop on 06 October 2022 at Danaos Offices. The objective of the workshop is to present to the audience an overview on the application of the Digital Twin technology in the project demonstrators, represented by four participating shipping companies. Please note that the event will be […]