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DT4GS Model Blueprints and Open Model Library

DANAOS prepared the TOC for Task 2.4 and circulated for review by the DT4GS consortium. The core structure of TOC needs to be further discussed and clarified, as the initial comments/remarks were identifying some kind of inconsistency/overlap in the definition of particular chapters of T2.4. In terms of actual implementation and framework specification for T2.4, DANAOS has proposed and outlined the core architecture for the MBT (Model Blueprint Template), involving a set of standardization procedures (OASIS, TOSCA templates) that will largely simplify and automate the way the DT4GS models are consumed-described and eventually deployed.

Regarding OML(Open Model Library) DANAOS initially proposed the instantiation of a cloud based platform to host the storing-management-versioning of the models and the associated data. This approach was internally discussed and has been put aside for the moment, as no sufficient resources were able to be identified and allocated for the implementation of such a cost-consuming solution. The Cloud platform has been replaced with the provision of an office server that will act as a centralized model versioning facility utilizing a set of streaming frameworks (Kafka, Airflow, Spark) in order to support the CI/CD of the models and the DT4GS core services across the LL partners.

Finally, regarding ST2.4.2 AXON has reassured us, during bilateral meetings, that they are in aposition to provide the necessary resources in terms of computational power and hardware to derive the quantum analogs of the data driven models implemented in the context of WP2 & 3.