Discussion on DT4GS Alliance- 20th October 2022

On 20th of October partners met and discussed the main objectives of DT4GS Alliance, the offers that the project can provide to the potential interested stakeholders to be part, a set of possible questions to build a prospective questionnaire looking for feedback and a tentative map of stakeholders and associations that could facilitate the process of engaging the potential stakeholders. The aim is to create a strong group of core stakeholders, with influence in the industry who will spread out the scope and project aims in the industry. Then set a communication strategy to share the information of the project with different stakeholders and then establish and consolidate a stable discussion group to analyse the main achievements on DT.

By setting the main objectives the consortium aims to raise awareness of the needs, barriers and opportunities of the use and implementation of DT in the waterborne sector , foster knowledge transference between stakeholders to roll out tailored solutions to be adopted by the market. Furthermore, define potential relationships for future business models and collaborative schemes and last but not least explore the potential of creating a legal entity that will enhance the exploitation of the results for the industry, ensuring the continuity after the completion of the project.