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Ship and company specific DT configuration and Deployment support services

DANAOS presented a consolidated progress time plan [M3-M35] involving Task3.2 and Task3.3. More specifically DANAOS shared their view on the desired outcome of the services implemented in the context of these tasks as well as the must-have capabilities and dependencies from other WPs.

For Task3.2, DANAOS specified requirements from the other three LLs (use cases involving phase one of the decarbonization roadmap-operational optimization, data acquisition systems, etc). The requirements and specifications gathered from the LLs defined a preliminary architectural overview of the DT configuration and deployment support services framework. The envisaged framework will assist shipowners to achieve efficiency in fleet management with tangible benefits in terms of environmental compliance, via a set of tools defined in WP2 (Open Model Library, Virtual Model Execution Engine, Cloud/Edge and Comms Infrastructure and the DT4GS Monitoring Platform) that will largely simplify and automate the integration and deployment of models, related to decarbonization technologies, in the broader frame of DT4GS ontology.

In the context of continuous integration/deployment, DANAOS provided an office server, that will synchronize with the newest data acquired from the containership-centric LL, incorporating a No-SQL database scheme for faster indexing. The provision of a centralized office server hosting operational data from the LLs is the first step towards automating DT deployment.