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GS Operational Optimisation of Digital Twins

Based on Task3.3 roadmap, DANAOS extracted a reference global operational optimization use case in order to facilitate the transfer of DTs (Digital Twins) across LLs. More specifically the global operational optimization use case addresses the classic cognitive DT example of Voyage Optimization. This reference use case is comprised of an abundance of sub-modules and can be approached from a various perspectives involving a range of different disciplines attached to the waterborne sector from naval engineers, software architects and port authorities to marine classes and charterers.

DANAOS alongside with the other LL partners specified in detail the Voyage Optimization sub-modules that will outline and define the specific services, models and data needed to implement a holistic operational optimization scheme, transferable across different ships. This includes, namely: Weather routing, Trim/speed optimization, Bunkering optimization, JIT arrivals, Cargo handling. A preliminary architecture was also defined concerning the CI/CD of services and models necessary to implement an initial operational digital shadow of the vessel with the utilization of fault tolerant streaming frameworks supporting job scheduling, automation and scalability (Apache Airflow, Kafka, Spark, Flink).