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Short introduction of partner, why do they participate in DT4GS and why is DT4GS important for CNR.

The Institute on Atmospheric Pollution of the CNR IIA is engaged on the development of methods and new innovative technologies for the determination of the concentrations of many organic and inorganic pollutants present in the atmosphere. The CNR IIA (institute for Atmospheric Pollution) is very eager to be partner of the DT4GS project which the aim is to develop and demonstrate low-emission solutions for all major classes of ships and associated shipping services by 2030, in turn enabling shipping companies to implement strategies to achieve zero-emission waterborne transport by 2050. To address the challenges and shortcomings described in the previous sections, CNR-IIA is a partner in the DT4GS (Digital Twin for Green Shipping) project funded under the HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01 call that will provide an “Open Digital Twin Framework” for both shipping companies and broader marine industry stakeholders to take advantage of the new opportunities made available through the use of Digital Twins. CNR will work to enable stakeholders in the shipping industry to actively embrace the full spectrum of DT innovations to support smart green shipping both in upgrading existing ships and building new ones.