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DT4GS Modelling Framework for comparative analysis and performance modelling
of emerging Green Ship Energy solutions

In this task 1.3 the aim is to design a benchmarking methodology, that will allow current & future (hybrid) energy systems comparison, in terms of normalized efficiency, emissions, by-product (waste heat, water) and on board footprint.

This methodology will rely on a components & systems properties database to derive relevant metrics, used for comparison.The metrics will be defined with the help of the DT4GS partners. Along with economical data and ship’s main constraints (energy needs, volume & mass limits), an optimization methodology will be developed, to get orders of magnitude of the impacts of installing various energy systems on-board: costs, feasibility, autonomy, emissions levels.

The benchmarking will help highlight most relevant and mid-term feasibility of various energy systems, to be potentially further studied and assessed within DT4GS digital twin.