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Short introduction of partner, why do they participate in DT4GS and why is DT4GS important for FV.

Fundación  Valenciaport (FV) is  an  Applied  Research,  Innovation & Training centre providing services to the port and logistics cluster. This initiative of the Port Authority of Valencia has enjoyed the collaboration of notable businesses, universities and institutions  from  the  port  community.  Since  its  establishment, it has developed projects in more than 60 countries, primarily Mediterranean nations, as well as from the rest of Europe, Asia and Latin America fostering innovation, promoting knowledge management activities and encouraging an active cooperation with other ports all around the world.

In DT4GS FV brings expertise in all aspects of greening ports and specifically green fuels and Hydrogen solutions leading projects such as H2PORTS. FV also brings expertise in port centric digitalisation for transport chains and has developed experimental DTs for terminal operators. Thereof FV leads the integration of shipping DTs with port DTS and Applications for planning port supply of green fuels. Further FV will oversee development for Just in Time arrival DTs.

DT4GS is important for FV because it will foster the integration beweetn ports DTs community and vessel DTs. On the other hand, leading the LLs will allow FV to interact closely with shipowners, understanding their need and offering them a contact point with the ports.