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LL2 DANAOS Containership-centric DT

DANAOS in the context of T4.3 specified vessel technical details, provided shop trial reports and outlined the data acquisition system architecture of a containership-centric LL. They also provided a snapshot of the actual data (features, granularity, format) acquired  from the vessel that will be utilized as a testbed in the context of the proposal in order to employ a preliminary operational digital-shadow of the ship that will eventually enable control actuation on board the vessel. With the participation of the other LL partners the global use case of Voyage Optimization was defined, that entails namely: Route Planning, Weather routing, Speed/Trim optimization, JIT arrivals, Bunkering Optimization and Cargo Handling, corresponding to Phase1 of operational optimization, enabling the transfer of DTs across LLs. As a specific use case DANAOS proposed Event Recognition for predictive maintenance and safety (identification of hull degradation/biofouling, underwater inspections, hull cleanings, prevention of parametric roll for cargo loss). Furthermore, DANAOS demonstrated the existing data analytics toolkit (WAVES) as well as a prototype application for emission monitoring, event recognition, causal analysis and visualization that will facilitate the employment of the initial digital shadow of the LL. Finally, an office server was provided, that will synchronize with the newest operational data acquired from the vessel, incorporating a No-SQL database scheme for faster indexing.