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The Transferable DT4GS (Digital Twin for Green Shipping) architecture!

Konnecta and Inlecom are delighted to introduce the Transferable DT4GS (Digital Twin for Green Shipping) architecture, an outcome of rigorous research aimed at fostering sustainable practices in the shipping industry. This architecture serves as the foundation for a platform that integrates digital twinning, knowledge graphs, and edge computing, offering a scalable solution for ship decarbonization.

The DT4GS framework is built on a functional metamodel and a comprehensive knowledge graph to support various ships and stakeholders, emphasizing the application of simulation and optimization tools for decarbonization. It represents a significant stride towards achieving a greener shipping industry by providing an open architecture that facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and a unified dataspace for digital twins across the shipping sector.

Central to the DT4GS architecture is the DT4GS Functional Metamodel, which translates green transition scenarios into a format accessible to both business and technical users, streamlining the understanding of complex interrelations among operational needs, environmental factors, and decarbonization technologies. Additionally, the architecture’s knowledge graph acts as a semantic broker, encoding sector-specific parameters to enhance the platform’s operational efficiency and promote knowledge exchange.

This architecture paves the way for a more sustainable, technologically advanced shipping industry, emphasizing adaptability, interoperability, and the facilitation of a greener transition.

DT4GS has received funding from the Horizon Europe framework programme under Grant Agreement No 101056799.