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Konnecta a proud partner of the DT4GS project!

At Konnecta, we harness the power of cutting-edge IT technologies to forge unified and holistic digital ecosystems. Our solutions empower organizations to streamline operations, optimize performance, spur innovation, and mitigate risks.

Our diverse team is comprised of adept software engineers and forward-thinking R&D researchers, boasting expertise in areas such as Full-Stack, Web, and Mobile Development, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Blockchain, and Machine Learning. We are united by a common belief: innovation is essential for improving life and enriching society.

In our pursuit of this mission, Konnecta actively engages in Horizon Europe research programs, assuming leadership in both technical and scientific capacities. Our collaborations span academic and industry partners across Europe, tackling projects that traverse industries and domains. Our innovation landscape includes pioneering work in Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts, Digital Twins, Big Data and Data Spaces, and Applied AI, marking our footprint in the technological vanguard.

In the DT4GS project, Konnecta leads the development of the framework essential for formulating the Digital Twin (WP2). This achievement stems from jointly coordinating our efforts with our partners, focusing on conceptualizing and defining the architecture, building a unified dataspace and data pipelines, setting up mechanisms for efficient data processing and the application of analytical and AI models, contributing to the development of a comprehensive library of models, and orchestrating an edge deployment infrastructure.

Over the last 22 months, our teams have successfully designed, built, and tested a complete suite of components that not only serves the core functions of digital twinning but is also versatile enough to be tailored to various scenarios aimed at the decarbonization of the marine sector. We’ve introduced an array of connectors for integrating Living Labs (LLs) data and other data sources, such as meteorological information. The Digital Twin has been seamlessly integrated into the LLs’ infrastructure, where it’s currently aggregating and analyzing data to provide invaluable insights into vessel operations.

As we transition into the project’s second phase, our focus broadens to include components and functionalities that facilitate retrofitting scenarios, building upon the operational optimization achieved in the initial phase. Our participation in DT4GS propels us forward, fuelling our ambition to generate knowledge, experience, and technological advancements that will expedite the maritime industry’s shift towards greener practices.

DT4GS has received funding from the Horizon Europe framework programme under Grant Agreement No 101056799.