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DT4GS and NH3CRAFT projects collaborate!

Representatives from the DT4GS & NH3CRAFT consortia met in Glasgow (UK) during the NH3CRAFT GA meeting (link to this event) and during the DT4GS 2nd Consortium meeting in Valencia, Spain (link to this event) and agreed to establish connections and synergies to better achieve their intended objectives and to increase the impact of EU investments under Horizon Europe.

DT4GS aims to providing an industry-wide decarbonization decision-support system for shipyards, equipment manufacturers, port authorities and operators, river commissions, classification societies, energy companies and transport /corridor infrastructure companies.

NH3CRAFT project will develop a next generation sustainable, commercially attractive and safe technology for high-volume storage and transportation of ammonia as fuel on-board ships.

Both projects have established a common task force and kicked-off discussions to identify common areas of interest and explore ways to adopt best practices and to enhance their sustainability plan.

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