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Short introduction of partner, why do they participate and why is DT4GS important for FINC.

FINCANTIERI NEXTECH is a company of all-Italian excellence that offers cutting-edge products and services in various fields: electronics, advanced systems, Integrated Logistics Support, IT, and cybersecurity, along with the opportunity to apply its known skills in engineering and experimentation, research and development to transversal activities.

The innovative solutions developed by FINCANTIERI NEXTECH in naval, land, avionics, and aerospace fields are mainly applied to Defence and Security but are also widely used in the civil sector, particularly in the infrastructure, industry, and energy areas.

FINCANTIERI NEXTECH has the opportunity to apply and expand its expertise and knowledge to help create a Digital Twin to support CO2 emission reduction and the development of new low-emission solutions for the major classes of ships. 

FINCANTIERI NEXTECH will participate in the creation of a models’ library to be integrated into the DT4GS framework, as well as the development of the DT4GS Green Shipping Dataspace and the Zero Emission shipping Support System.