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Deliverable D1.1: Value-oriented Analysis in enabling Shipping Decarbonisation v1

The deliverable presents and describes a value-oriented analysis in enabling shipping decarbonization. This is achieved through framing the key decarbonization enablers as discussed in the scientific and industrial bibliography, its risks and opportunities, potential transition challenges and headwinds, stakeholders and a deep dive on decarbonization imperatives – regulation, financing (i.e., carbon credits, Green Taxes, etc) in the context of the latest EU disclosures, infrastructure and technology. Chapter 4 will unfold the Digital Twin context and how the project’s planned Living Labs serve the scope of the project which is fuelled by the deployment of a digital twin model for green shipping. The purpose of the deliverable is to set the theoretical and operational framework around shipping decarbonization and digital twin, highlighting the value of digital twin models in shipping decarbonization. That shall be the foundation upon which the following project deliverables will build upon.

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