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Progress on the LL4 STARBULK Bulkers-centric DT

In the context of DT4GS, Starbulk selected one of their big size vessels, the m/v Maharaj, being a Newcastlemax-size vessel with cargo capacity of about 210,000 mtons.   

Starbulk has managed to install onboard Maharaj a high frequency data collection system, named VPM. The VPM system is consisted of:

  1. a server (built by our team under industrial/marine standards),
  2. a number of sensors (which transmit machinery data to the server continuously),
  3. ancillary equipment (cables, transmitters, filters, etc),
  4. screens
  5. a device that connects the data stored in the server with vessel’s communication system.

In addition to the “engine room data”, the server is connected with “bridge data” (I.e. VDR, speed log, gps, etc).

The system works efficiently and with high reliability. Raw data are transmitted to the office on five-minute intervals for assessment by dedicated for this scope engineers. Prior utilizing the data for performance evaluation purposes, our team works to “clean” them. This is an important step in order to ensure that we assess correct and reasonable data. All above have been shared with the other members of the consortium in order to be taken into account during development of the tool(s) that will be implemented onboard at the next stage.

Starbulk is eager to install the software tool that is now under development from other members of the consortium. In coordination with Inlecom and our IT Dpt, an API has been developed and applied in order for the data to be transferred to the consortium for further analysis. In this regard, a dedicated server has been installed in our premises through which, the team gets all data for further processing. Our experience so far is that high frequency raw data have assisted us a lot to understand in detail vessel’s performance. In this regard we are in position to adjust her speed and route profile to minimize her environmental footprint and improve profitability. We are looking forward to realizing additional benefits due to synergies and utilization of cutting-edge technologies that will be implemented for all systems onboard the vessel. It is of our keen interest to assist in the development of tools that will reduce the overall environmental footprint of each vessel. 

DT4GS has received funding from the Horizon Europe framework programme under Grant Agreement No 101056799.