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Insights from RINA’s contribution to WP3!

We are proud to share updates on RINA’s significant contributions to Work Package 3 (WP3) of the DT4GS (Digital Twin for Green Shipping) project, focusing on tasks T3.1 and T3.5.

Pioneering Digital Twin Models (T3.1)

RINA is working to define and potentially standardize DT models and simulations in hydrodynamics, powertrain efficiency, and energy-saving techniques. These advancements aim to promote the DT4GS strategy and integrate these models into a comprehensive knowledge hub, benefiting a wide range of maritime stakeholders.

Developing a User-Friendly Dashboard (T3.5)

We are also spearheading the design and implementation of the DT4GS dashboard. This includes creating an intuitive interface, developing robust software, and testing in real-world settings to ensure practicality and effectiveness. These efforts will shape recommendations for the DT4GS Decision Support System (DSS).

DT4GS has received funding from the Horizon Europe framework programme under Grant Agreement No 101056799.