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DT4GS Project dissemination and communication plan

The purpose of the DT4GS Dissemination and Communication v1 document is to present effectively the project’s guidance for all dissemination and communication activities.  This document outlines an approach to reaching out and communicating to the target audience, by developing communication tools, and defining a series of tailored actions, its timeline, and the persons responsible. It also sets quantified measures for monitoring the progress and impact of the dissemination actions.

The work carried out includes two sub-tasks:

  • Dissemination & Communication material and website, where key outcomes will be presented in the form of news articles, reports, presentations etc. Two (2) professional videos highlighting the LLs, their challenges, the project vision, and expected outcomes will be produced. DT4GS will have accounts in several social media communities, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. All accounts will be integrated into the project website.
  • Perform networking, alliance across projects, and liaison activities. Communication packages for LLs and promotional events will be carried out, and a major EU conference will be delivered in M24.

This document will be updated throughout the project by the partners involved, in order to review the results and provide status and updates about the planned activities and expected impacts.