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Comprehensive DT-enabled design methodology for zero emission shipping

This task aims to deliver a comprehensive comprehensive DT-enabled design methodology for zero emission shipping that integrates the new methods and models proposed in the project both for retrofit and new builds. The focus will be on the definition of KPIs orienting the design choices and manufacturing processes. To achieve this task, this task will […]

Our latest update on LL4 STARBULK Bulkers-centric DT by GLM partners

The LL4 DT application offers an innovative approach by seamlessly integrating e-robotic data acquisition and 3D reconstruction in a digital twin of the hull structure. This enables a comprehensive and immersive visualization of the vessel’s overall structure and condition, thereby providing a basis for informed and optimal maintenance and/or repair decisions. The LL4 is compromised […]

The DT4GS benefits – video

DT4GS enacts the potential of digital twin in green shipping managing the complexity in dealing with the interdependencies in the maritime sector.