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Tracking Baleària’s ROPAX-Centric Digital Twin Journey!

In Task 4.4, BALEÀRIA definitely choose the MV SICILIA for the Digital Twin, this vessel is a RO-PAX of 186m length and 25,6m beam with Dual Fuel engines (VLSFO/MGO/LNG). SICILIA vessel installed onboard different sensors: flowmeters, draft radars, inclinometers/accelerometers, integration with bridge equipment, integration with Automation system, DGPS, … that provide to Baleària Central Offices […]

A progress report on LL2 DANAOS Containership-centric DT!

DANAOS specified vessel technical details (i.e., Main Engine(M/E) Auxiliary Engine(A/E) type, Propeller type, etc.), provided shop trial reports and outlined the data acquisition system architecture of a containership-centric LL. They also provided a snapshot of the actual data (features, granularity, format) acquired from the vessel that will be utilized as a testbed in the context […]

A short introduction in the DT4GS Headquarters, Edge and Orchestration Infrastructure

This task aims to develop technology and services to support intelligent deployment of applications in the cloud and at the edge. Modern shipping operations are characterized by scale (a large number of ships in a highly distributed environment), heterogeneity, data gravity, and resource constraints (whether skilled personnel, computing, or communication).  This task addresses these challenges […]

Progress on the LL4 STARBULK Bulkers-centric DT

In the context of DT4GS, Starbulk selected one of their big size vessels, the m/v Maharaj, being a Newcastlemax-size vessel with cargo capacity of about 210,000 mtons.    Starbulk has managed to install onboard Maharaj a high frequency data collection system, named VPM. The VPM system is consisted of: In addition to the “engine room data”, […]